Friday, 20 May 2011

Video for Little Sister

I have never thought of myself as a visual artist but being an independent artist means being your own pretty much everything! So I donned my art direction hat and came up with these visuals for Little Sister a song that is a very emotional one for me. It was written for myself from the point of view of my big brother (my rock) for those tough times when a girl needs positive affirmations and reinforcement.
The video has a theme running through it. It features my real life "sistren"  friends, allies, some members of  Gaggle including leader Queen Deborah Coughlin, dynamic design duo Schwange (it was their own idea to wear full on white body paint) and the ridiculously talented and super lovely Laura Kidd of  She Makes War fame. I wanted to spread that Gaggle ethos of solidarity, support and positivity amongst women. That shit really needs to go global! I am bored of women whose default setting is to hate each other on sight! BORED!
I am so blessed to know so many badass femmes! I don't think it would have had the same impact if I used models and actresses.
Also, I got to play guitar in a sari! Something I've always wanted to do that I'm pretty sure no one else has ever done before, not even Madonna and that is really saying something!
Hope you dig! And if you do please feel free to spread the love!

Special thanks to:
Nana Dankwa - Director & Editor
Fouad Gaber - Director of Photography

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