Sunday, 22 August 2010

Artwork by Strick

A very talented fellow Gaggle made me this! I love it, it's equal parts punk rock/manga/ riot grrrl zine culture of the 90s. Grrr! Check out the link for more samples of her genius!
I am working on a  text logo myself and although I am no artist, I sometimes have moments of ever so rare visual inspriration. Stay tuned... 

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bridal Nath: My Severe Nose Piercing

People are always asking me about where I got my nose chain from, or of its significance, so I decided to blog about it; yes, my very first "word blog" if you will.
In my culture, too much emphasis is placed on marriage, (in my humble opinion) and although I am fifth generation Trinidadian my ancestors are from India. The nath I wear onstage is usually worn by Hindu brides and is just my way of saying "I am married to my guitar and my music, so, fuck off yeah?" Or something to that effect...
Now you know kids.
Peace, Love and Riddim.