Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Effing Feminists

There are some feminists who refuse to engage in conversation with me. I've reached out to them warmly, they respond with stony silence. Is it the make up? Or the length of my skirt? Whatever the reason feminists shunning other feminists is probably the most counter productive, time wasting, pathetic thing I can think of, within the context of the movement. I wish they would at least tell me what the problem was, then I wouldn't have to resort to guess work. 
I've had people say to me (non feminists) "I didn't know you were a feminist; you wear lipstick!" Now, I thought being a feminist was about what is in my head and not about what is on my face! Unless I'm sadly mistaken?
We all know we have bigger fish to fry, I'm not going to list the many ways in which things are not equal across the globe. That's another blog entirely and I would mostly be preaching to the choir. For the most part only feminists read anything with the word "feminist" in the title. Unless I'm sadly mistaken?
My point is this: if you are the kind of feminist that finds me offensive I invite you to discuss the reason(s) why with me. If you are a feminist that has had a similar experience, I'd like to hear about it. 
In-fighting amongst ourselves is holding back the progress we can make in the world at large. Which is more important... the rights of women or the shade of my lipstick?